1. Reconstruction of Medical center Yambol
2. Reconstruction of Production premises Kapriz Ltd.
3. Reconstruction of Medical consulting rooms DKC-1, Yambol
4. Reconstruction of Medical center with pharmacy Straldja
5. Reconstruction and repair of Printing house DiagalprintLtd.
6. Reconstruction and new construction of Pre-breeding pigs farm Kalchevo
7. Reconstruction and repair of plant TonzosLtd.
8. Reconstruction of Processing meat plant Tenevo
9. Reconstruction of Bread-making plant TrakiaLtd.
10. Construction of building with shops and restaurant Yambol
11. Construction of Post station Yambol
12. Reconstruction of production premises Jelio Voivoda
13. Establishment of centre for social support for children and families in risk Kargon, Yambol