We are striving to improve our position on the market following three principles:

Customers trust
We use our professionalism to suit the requirements of our investors and customers. The partnership relationships with them are based on trust, frankness and loyalty. We construct so that the building sites of SILMA 60 to be part of the social prestige of our clients.

High standart
The working standards in SILMA 60 are high quality, punctuality and flexible resource planning every day and for every project. We follow this standard by investing in the professional development of our employees and in the new construction technologies.

Social responsibility
SILMA 60 treats its employees as thebiggest capital. We are striving to make each member of our team feel satisfaction of his/her work, because thus all people work with their soul and heart. We apply the good practices for ensuring safety working environment and protection of the environment.

- Working with high quality materials
- Experienced specialists
- Competitive prices
- Maximum punctuality to our customers requirements
- Perfect quality and guarantee service