Our mission is to develop ourselves as a construction company, following the newest market tendencies in the construction area.
We are able to cover and guarantee the whole cycle of constructing a building, equipment or building site and to guarantee quality and professionalism in each level of the construction works.

Construction Company SILMA 60 focuses on:
- construction of residential buildings
- construction of family residential buildings
- construction of restaurants, shops
- reconstruction of buildings
- repair of luxurious houses and apartments
- repair of production bases
The company follows all contemporary requirements for waterproofing, thermal insulation, water-supply and draining network. The company has own construction mechanization, staff, materials, transport, technical management and authentication of different levels of construction works.
A company for construction supervision monitors and actively participates in all levels of construction works providing opinion and consultancy, which is a guarantee for the quality of works and the quality of used materials.

- To strengthen our positions as a company that offers overall construction services with proven quality
- To maintain and develop our team of professionals
- To improve the quality and work organization
- To improve the competitiveness of the company
- To offer the consumers solutions for their needs of having home